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23.8 8.23. Every Tuesday 8:23 a.m. calls to Jim Sanborn, author of Kryptos, at the CIA building. August 23


In 2017-2018, a man appeared near Jim Sanborn, the author of the Kryptos ciphertext, who called him every Tuesday at the same time of 8:23, accurate to seconds. Sanborn speaks about this in an interview in 2020. 8.23 - I am Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya, ex Natalya Borisovna Chistyakova, this is very familiar to me since 2006, so 8.23 the date August 23 is written in month/date format

On this date, August 23, 2006, I Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya, ex Natalya Borisovna Chistyakova, paid for the first time for the address of my website www.yaroslavova.ru, which I called by my maiden name Yaroslavova in English. I created a website during my participation in the G8 for my projects Global Energy Security, The Path of the Swan http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=1542

In 2011, on August 23: 8.23.11 or 23.8.11, the largest earthquake in 100 years occurred in the United States, during the correspondence of the “American” with me. That's what he called himself, referring to Arizona and Arlington. Jim Sanborn is talking about the time 8:23, and it started around him later, in 2017-2018. Jim Sanborn cites the 8:23 story as an example of madness and "fever"

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