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In 2007, I wrote about my article “Oil...for rubles” on 10.26.90. Putin received opposition for this idea of mine

January 6, 2024 15:39 (19:41 repeat) Peterhof, St. Petersburg. Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna (from 06/10/2014), nee Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna (22/2/1960), ex-Godunina N.B. (9.5 years old), ex-Chistyakova N.B. (23 years old).


In 2007, 17 years after my Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna, nee Yaroslavova, ex-Godunina Natalya Borisovna Ph.D. article October 26, 1990 “Oil to the West for rubles: absurdity or common sense” http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=17&PubID=135 in Tyumen News, based on my experience and the backlash On this idea of mine and this topic, which I have been working on for 17 years, I wrote an article on June 27, 2007:

“Export for rubles as a strategy of the global Opposition” http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=58&PubID=133. The article was dedicated to Andrei Volgin, my classmate from Bystrinskneft, he was killed on June 7, 2007.

“The article is dedicated to my classmate and friend Andrey VOLGIN, chief engineer of Bystrinskneft, who has been producing oil all his life. He left us, finding himself at the epicenter of aggression associated with the “redistribution” of beautiful and successful men of their oil capital, careers, and power.”

About the date June 7, today, January 6, 2024, I made a comment “June 7 and May 26 are the dates of my 1st passport and the day of my dissertation. Dates of the sons of Queen Margaret II of Denmark" https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1429612.html

This article of mine on June 27, 2007, “Export for rubles, as a strategy of the global Opposition,” was published in July in the newspaper “Evening Tyumen.” In the newspaper, when an article is published, there is a link to my website http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=58&PubID=133. I Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna wrote the article on June 27, 2007 as Natalya Borisovna Chistyakova after registering a second marriage on April 14, 1991, and a second divorce in 1996, after which I retained the surname of my former second husband A.I. Chistyakova. until the name change on June 10, 2014.

I, born Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna, changed my surname to Godunin in my first marriage due to my remarriage on April 14, 1991 with A.I. Chistyakov. I changed my surname during the period between the publication of my first article on October 26, 1990, “Oil to the West for rubles. Absurdity or common sense” and the publication of my 2007 article “Export for rubles as a strategy of the global opposition.”

For more than 30 years I have been Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna, nee Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna (22.2.1960), ex-Godunina, ex-Chistyakova, candidate of technical sciences in the field of Well development of oil and gas fields, specialty 05.15.06, with the date of defense of my dissertation on May 26, 1988 years, insisted on this idea of mine about exporting energy resources for rubles and repeatedly developed this idea of mine for more than 30 years in my articles.

May 26, 1988 is the date of defense of my Ph.D. thesis after the date of defense was postponed from May 19, 1988 to May 26, 1988, launching a complex machine of notifications about the transfer to all mandatory authorities:

“On the official postponement from 05/19/88 to 05/26/88 of the date of my defense of Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya N.B. (22.2.1960), nee Yaroslavova, in 1988 Godunina N.B. candidate's dissertation with distribution of transfer notices to the list: Department of State Secrets" http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=1834

By 2007, I, now Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya, then Natalya Borisovna Chistyakova from April 14, 1991, and Natalya Borisovna Godunina in my first marriage until April 14, 1991, had enough experience of 17 years to feel the internal Russian opposition of the raiders and international opposition.

In the 2007 article “Oil Export for Rubles as a Strategy for the Global Opposition,” I made a simple point. I have been under pressure for many years because of this 1990 article of mine. The pressure inside Russia was due to the fact that already in 1991, when I developed this idea of mine, in my next publication in Tyumen News on October 19, 1991, those immediately appeared who began to raiderly claim to seize this idea of mine (“The influence of “information raiders” on energy security. (Energy security: to reduce the turbulence of the global oil market we need “sunny weather” in the media and oil analytics)" http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=39 ).

I especially felt the international opposition at the 2006 G8 G8 in Moscow, when I was born Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova, in 2006 Natalya Borisovna Chistyakova, this idea of mine was expressed in my speech and repeated in my “Proposals on Energy Security” for the heads of the G8 “http ://yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=61. In my Proposals on energy security in 2006, I formulated this point as follows:

»To ensure a balance of power and an equal dialogue, it is necessary to recognize the right of oil exporting countries to export energy

​resources extracted on their territory for the currency of these countries (in Russia this is “export for rubles”) or for another currency freely chosen by them to service their own “energy circulation”, and not interfere with the implementation of this right.”

»About my, Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya, ex-Chistyakova, participation in the Big Eight G8 2006 with Proposals on Energy Security. March - July - December Moscow Hammer Center. Civil G8" http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=1542

I repulsed this attack on me in March 2006 at the Hammer Center in Moscow. I spoke about this already in March 2006. But international opposition can be long-term, behind the scenes, behind the scenes. I felt it all.

I felt this in 2023 inclusive. After my first participation in the “Big Eight” in March 2006, an interview with me was published in “Tyumenskie Izvestia” on April 6, 2006 “The voice of Tyumen will be heard by the Big Eight”, where I repeated the same idea of mine in 1990 about the Export of energy resources for rubles and said “The ruble is our main weapon.”

What lasted from 2006 until 2023 inclusive is, again, raiding. Raiding, an attempt to appropriate this interview of mine from 2006 “The voice of Tyumen will be heard by the Big Eight.” http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=58&PubID=268

By 2007, there had been a sharp setback in terms of human rights compared to the G8 year of 2006. The word “opposition” was used as a “abusive”, dismissive, disrespectful word in relation to certain persecuted groups in Russia. When I included this word “Opposition” in the title in my 2007 article in combination with “Global opposition”, I meant that Russia (the state), if it begins to implement my idea of ​​exporting energy resources for rubles, will receive all these the same disrespectful epithets that she addressed to dissidents in Russia. Russia as a state will receive what I, nee Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna, felt for more than 30 years.

What is oil export for Rubles? This is dissent. This was my nee Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna (22.2.1960) dissent in 1990, on which I insisted 17 years before the 2007 article and 16 years after this 2007 article of mine “Export for rubles as a strategy of the global opposition.” Everyone was talking about trading Russian oil for dollars. I was a pacer for more than 30 years and said: Let's respect ourselves and trade oil for rubles, let's respect our own currency - the ruble.

One of the main ideas of this 2007 article of mine: Putin will not receive internal opposition. Putin could very likely receive global opposition if he starts implementing my idea of exporting oil for rubles. Opposition - from the global world. He will receive opposition from the global world. We need to maneuver on this topic. And in order to maneuver, you need to know the whole history of this idea and the opposition to it.

For 17 years, since the time when I, nee Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna, in 1993 Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna, Advisor to the Chairman of the Tyumen Regional Council of People's Deputies, was blackmailed by the Shell company, I know what stands behind the sophistication of world oil diplomacy.

Putin is also not a newbie, but it’s one thing to do nicely for Great Britain in the history of the deal to unite the Tyumen Oil Company and British Petroleum, which happened in the early 2000s. . The transition to rubles in the export of oil and energy resources in world trade is another matter.

Where it’s nice, everything goes “like clockwork.” The deal with Qatar, etc. This is well known.

Where we are talking about Russia's parity interest, the situation is different. What happens from February 24, 2022 has nothing to do with this text of mine about parity interest. What is happening on the planet is due to the lack of important information to make the necessary decisions.

In 2022, Putin did not have the historical information that was exclusively owned by Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya, as the author of the idea of exporting oil for rubles in 1990, which for 30 years, under all four of my names in my biography, I, née Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova, promoted .

I made a warning directly in my article on June 27, 2007. I wrote:

“I believe that the aggression that I encountered is also due to the fact that for 16 years I popularized the idea of exporting oil for rubles, as well as the idea of ​​using the ruble as a reserve currency.... Exporting oil for rubles at the last G8 summit in Germany supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin. His performance was called revolutionary. My personal experience suggests that such ideas can only be voiced if there is good personal security (protection). Too great interests are affected by the idea of ​​ruble servicing of oil and gas world trade flows.. Since the article Oil to the West for rubles: absurdity or common sense (1990 October 26, Tyumen News, No. 5 edition of the Tyumen Regional Council of People's Deputies), like the IMF, appeared in a different political environment than now and economic reality, then, in this regard, it is important to analyze how feasible the idea of “ruble export” is in 2007 and what can await us when choosing such a strategy.

Thus, since official statements have been made more than once over the past year, but there have been no actions yet, we will now have to negotiate with the world elites about what market share we are taking for ruble energy exports.

In 2006, in an interview “The Voice of Tyumen will be heard by the G8,” I expressed the thesis that “The ruble is our main weapon.”

However, when we talk about weapons, those who are close to the military topic probably have an association: “saber rattling.” This gives rise to the risks of “rattling on the idea” of exporting oil for rubles, without moving to concrete actions.

Russia so far, in international relations, in the position of “Fighter for Truth Bureaucrat” acts as a “Fighter for Truth”, that is, according to the theses voiced, in the role of not the strongest side of the world “alignment of forces”. However, with similar protest rhetoric, human rights activists sometimes win with a good margin of safety.

Countries such as India, Brazil, and Venezuela can also be called former world “margins,” as it is now fashionable to call the opposition. However, if the bet is on Leadership among those who were very weak yesterday, it turns out that “Leader of the world opposition of “Yesterday’s Weak” is, in general, a promising concept of world championship. However, objectively accompanied by all the difficulties that can be observed in the same opposition within Russia.... “continued at the link where this article of mine by Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya from 2007 is posted.

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