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July 9, 1945 total solar eclipse. July 9, 1945 - L.N. Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace”, circulation 220,000. Pages. 183 star wars entry. The book was given to me by nee N.B. Yaroslavova. (22.2.60) from mom Lv. Davidenko T.A. (Yaroslavova) and grandfather Davidenko A.I. Amalia Knavs 9.7.1945 - mother of M. Trump https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1436935.html

On July 9, 1945 -9/VII 1945, a book by L.N. Tolstoy was signed for printing, which my mother inherited from her parents Davidenko, and then from my mother nee Davidenko Tamara Anatolyevna (05/11/1932-06/26/2013), in Yaroslavova’s marriage, this book was given to me by nee Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova, now Natalya Borisovna Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya (2/22/1960). I remember this date, July 9, 1945, very well, because on July 9, 1997 and 1998, I twice participated in the CERA Round Tables, under my name in the late 90s, Natalya Borisovna Chistyakova, after my former second husband. I received an invitation to the first CERA Round Table from a scientist from the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. I was thinking about why the dates of July 9 coincided three times.

“CERA round table for senior managers in Moscow at the Metropol Hotel on July 9, 1997, an invitation to which I received on June 30, 1997 as deputy director of the Center for Regional Development Strategy of the Tyumen Region” http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part =58&PubID=1677

On January 9, 2024, Amalia Knavs, born on July 9, 1945, the mother of Melania Trump, died:

“Twitter won't load. Latest news about the death of Melania Trump's mother-Amalia Knavs 9.7.45. Date" January 10, 2024 https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1435030.html

It is unlikely that Melania Trump was selected based on the date of birth of her mother Amalia Knavs on January 9, 1945, the date of publication of the book by L.N. Tolstoy. I'm not sure they knew this in Yugoslavia. I do not know what date of birth of Amlia Knavs is indicated on her birth certificate. Wikipedia is often a controversial source.

I personally observed how, after my articles, Sophia of Bavaria’s date of birth, February 22, was changed to other dates.

The general event of July 9, 1945 must be higher in priority. Such an event was the rare total solar eclipse of July 9, 1945, which occurs once every few decades. They prepared for this solar eclipse on July 9, 1945, and published articles. Scientists gathered in Ivanovo, where the center of the observations was, Kapitsa flew in, but it was cloudy and they saw practically nothing from Ivanovo on July 9, 1945.

Before the publication of Leo Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace,” the date of the solar eclipse of July 9, 1945 was known in advance. And the date of signing the book for printing on July 9, 1945 was timed to coincide with the date of the solar eclipse.

One entry was made in someone else’s handwriting (not my mother’s) in Leo Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace” dated July 9, 1945, but it relates to the theme of “Star Wars”. Moreover, the entry was made on page 183, which is similar to the date March 18, about this in my article on May 22, 2022:

“I wrote about the constellation Cygnus 17 years before, on page 183 of L.N. Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace” I saw an entry with the name of Boris Tolstikov, translator of the book “The Hammer of the Valkars” about the constellation Cygnus by E. Hamilton “http:// yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=1634

This is also discussed in my article:

»Austria in the Russian-Canadian Oil and Gas Resource Management Project 1993. This is a battle for the resources of Siberia. The price of the question cannot be whispered. There was no nuclear disarmament. They began to push it onto “Canada 8/31/1993 -9/09/1993” after 2002 “September 17-18, 2023 http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=1779

The theme of Star Wars is indicated by an entry in the old book “War and Peace”, which was passed down to me through my mother from her parents.

On one of the pages of the book "War and Peace" Boris Tolstikov is written in unfamiliar handwriting. The surname is similar to Tolstoy. And L. Tolstoy highlighted the name of Boris in the book. Boris Tolstikov translated the book "Star Kings. The Hammer of the Valkars" by Hamilton E. The surname Hamilton was the wife of the boyar Artamon Matveev, whose pupil was Tsarina Natalya Romanova, the mother of Peter I. Edmont Hamilton was born on October 21, 1904 in Youngstar (Ohio). Died February 1, 1977 in Lancaster, California. Author of the duology "Star Kings" (1947) and "Return to the Stars" (1969). "Much of the setting for George Lucas' Star Wars saga is taken from Hamilton" (W). The Star Kings is a novel by Edmond Hamilton, first published in September 1947 in Amazing Stories.

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