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Michael Pence: rejection of 224 and Time. Anton Blinken is a scumbag "journalist" with the data of my former passports


Former Vice President Michael Pence, who left the presidential campaign in 2024, was connected to Russia? In Russia, for more than one year, they formed a "hookup" to the family of Michael Pence. Много лет ("Michael Pence will not participate in the presidential company 2024. As the vice president of the USA, he supervised NASA in 2016-2020" https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1335069.html). This "Pence" in Michael Pence's surname seemed promising to Russian PR technologists in terms of simple associations. What was happening around the Pension reform was aimed at eliminating competitors based on age ("Died" on October 18, 2023, not on October 26, 2023, and ex-Vice President of the USA Michael Pence, curator of NASA, who was involved in the events of May - June 2018, understood this « https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1339295.html). What was happening was intended to use the consonance of Pence and Pension. Once upon a time it sounded long and loud. And it was obvious that the information space was pumped up by this "Pence". And "Pence" - "Pension" hung over all this. Pension funds, money, finance. The first reason for interest in Russia is Michael Pence. Michael Pence is religious. After the merger of the Orthodox Church Abroad and the ROC in 2007, the influence of the ROC spread to the USA and Canada. In many ways, the ROC patronizes the congregation in the USA and Canada. Ya Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna I do not see anything good in this merger. I see a lot of negative in this. 10 years ago, they showed me material allegedly with the prophecy of a Canadian priest about a nuclear explosion in the region of Ukraine or Belarus. After 10 years, the western part of the former USSR came close to this. Thus, it was planned even 10 years ago. It started with reference to an Orthodox Canadian priest and it is now becoming a reality. The second reason. Criminal project with "journalist". Michael Pence himself, I think, did not know that the criminal component in this project was aimed at 100%. Anton Blinken, the US Secretary of State pretends he doesn't know this. Perhaps, Michael Pence realized the scale of the crime with this "journalist" who cheated and therefore left the presidential company in 2024. Michael Pence showed that he is not where 224 is. And he directly said that this is not his time. He is not with this Time:

"Ex-Vice President of the USA Michael Pence realized that I, Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna, born Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna, daughter of born Davydenko Tamara Anatolyevna, married to Yaroslavova, did not receive my claim after May 2018. They did not give me information from the USA, documents and other documents" https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1339796.html

I will remind you that Time Russia was named, for example, the Russian team at the regatta in 2008-2009, the team did not reach the finish line.

The crime with the "journalist" is connected with finances. It is connected with what is happening now in Israel and Gaza. Think about the news. About 60 UN employees died. About 40 journalists died. This is in the conflict zone between Israel and Gaza. I read these numbers. This is what kind of informational content? Is this "journalist" breaking into the UN? Closer to money. According to the old style, the day of the financier is September 8. According to the new style, the journalist's day is September 8. Not so stupid. All motivations, all brazen desires, all on the surface. State Secretary Anton Blinken can't pretend that he doesn't see all of this. He was a speech writer. His wife is directly related to the PR technology company Teneo ("30 июня 2011 Teneo. 30 июня 1992 моя прописка в кв.309. Шантаж из за даты 30 июня на ответе мне ТПП" https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1312893. html). Anton Blinken knows perfectly why this kind of information is kept in the information space. Very many dates coincide with Anton Blinken, born Yaroslavova Natalia Borisovna, currently Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna (22.2.1960). Some coincidences were formed artificially. Anton Blinken operates on these dates. April 3 (April 16) — February 25, the dates of the life of my grandmother Yaroslavova Aleksandra Nikolaevna, the mother of my father Yaroslavov Boris Romanovich. April 16 is the birthday of Anton Blinken. Anton Blinken's wife was born on April 18. This marriage was registered after I Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna, ex Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna, since April 18, 1994 as Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna worked as the deputy director of the Center for Regional Development of the Tyumen Region. On September 22, 2022, the sister of my father Yaroslavova B.R. died. Later I read that Donald M. died on September 22, 2022. Blinken (November 11, 1925 — September 22, 2022) father of Anton Blinkena. I had the impression that this was unexpected for Anton Blinken. But he has reason to think. I wrote a lot about September 22. I wrote a lot about November 11. Not immediately, but after months or years, this date of September 22 appeared as the date of the release of the first issue of the Tyumen News in 1990. I have a lot of articles in the Tyumen news, including an interview with me from August 5, 2005 as a lady politician...("Neil Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930 in Ohio-1803 and the Constitution of the Center for Regional Development of the Tyumen Region 18.03. 94, where I was the first director when I was born - Yaroslavova N.B. Интервью со мной Лиди политика 5.8.05 - Nila's 75th birthday» http://yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=1796) .

I mentioned this date on September 22 in connection with my trip to Bahrain, where I flew on September 22, 1994. I have the impression that Anton Blinken is still in deep delusion, that until now until 2023 Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna (22.2.1960) is my former name until June 10, 2014, with the data of my former passport dated 25 In February 2005, my former name is Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna, while this passport was canceled 8 years ago, after I received a new passport from June 19, 2014 in connection with the change of family name, in my current name Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna. My current passport shows my former passport dated February 25, 2005, and this page of my current passport with the data of my former passports was scanned by me at the US Embassy in Moscow on March 16, 2020. It is impossible that the State Department of the USA and the Pentagon did not know this. Why are they interested in my former passport from February 25, 2005? Because I was 45 years old on February 25, 2005. 45! Because the photo on this date, February 25, 2005, illustrates an article about the Philippine sea carrier, from which the ashes of Neil Armstrong, who died on August 25, 2012, were scattered on September 14, 2012. The dates of November 11 and August 25 are related as the dates of the Expert Council on Subsoil Use, the chairman of which is I, born Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna (22.2.1960), under my name Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna, since November 11, 1993, and the Regulation on the Expert Council on Subsoil Use, developed by me, I defended at the meeting of the Tyumen Regional Council on August 25, 2012.

"The Expert Council on Subsoil Use of the Tyumen Regional Council is the only one in Russia created on the basis of Decisions developed and implemented by me. С 11.11.93 я Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Н.Б. в 1993 г»http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=1717

The data of my former passport dated February 25, 2005 to my former name Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna, the passport has been invalid for 8 years, we need it because my grandmother Yaroslavova A.N. she died on February 25, and was born according to the old style on April 3, which was counted on April 16, they changed the gravestone, wrote on it April 16, and after that the date coincided with Anton Blinken's birthday. Because my grandmother Yaroslavova Aleksandra Nikolaevna (3.4.1909) has a maiden name of Golikova and she has the same surname as Golikova, who was related to the Russian-American company, and this card is played around California and the treasury of Fort Ross. At the same time, they began to unravel the story about the Mayan Indians and Honduras, which I incidentally mentioned in my articles as minor plots. My grandmother Yaroslavova Aleksandra Nikolaevna (née Golikova) died in Neftekamsk in the 80s during the events in Honduras, her only source of information was the radio, on which they talked about Honduras. My grandmother was not from Honduras, she was under the influence of propaganda before her death. Propaganda was occupied by Honduras in the 80s. Now look at where this Honduras pops up in October 2023. Trajectory of information streams on Anton Blinken is obvious. This trajectory of information streams is already evident since 2018, when since February 12, 2018, Natalia Borisovna of Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya sent me a video exclusively on pancake topics and about pancakes. Naturally, the question arises: What is the relationship of Anton Blinken to the history of James Lucas, to whom I signed an invitation in May 2018. And why are they hinting to me that all three US military personnel, including the US general, who wrote to me in 2018, were killed. From my comment on November 1, 2023: "A man who looked like the commander-in-chief asked me: "How did you learn my path?". This word "Path", which he used, was associated with my "Path of the Swan", but I did not become it with him

to discuss. They hint that someone died with the initials А. D. Who? Andrei Johnson? Daniel Allen? If Lucas James, sergeant-major of the USA, has died, I need a document stating that Lucas James died, to whom I Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna (22.2.1960) signed an invitation on the letterhead of the Department of Defense of the USA (Pentagon) in May 2018. https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1339796.html.

I need to cancel this invitation because of fraudsters and what is happening with bridges ("Rishi Sunak understood why he became the prime minister very suddenly? Around the date of May 12 there are many visitors, long time ago" https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1340241.html) .

Date September 22. November 11 and September 22, these dates are reflected in the Wikipedia article about Donald M. Blinken. I had an article in 2018 about November 22 and November 11. About "Meeting with Destiny". I changed the name "On the date of November 11, which was the first session of the Expert Council on Subsoil Use of the Tyumen Regional Council, where I was Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya N.B. (ex Чистякова) была и.о. Presedatelya». http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=1461. The 2018 article began with the words "The Peace Forum, dedicated to the end of the First World War on November 11, 1918, was held in Paris on the same date - November 11, better known as Martin's Day - the Day of Martin of Turkey, Martin of Tours, one of the most Saints revered in France. Macron in Kazakhstan...

It is necessary to explain even more, where this scum is criminally grazing, it changes my female verbs to male ones of Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisov ("U feika "Siamese twin" Trump "burned" 24.10.23."IG" changes my female verbs to male ones" https:/ /yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1336436.html). Since October 24 — the anniversary of the UN, the photographs of my father Yaroslavov B.R. are blocked. , changes the content of my texts in жж из за пределов России («24.10.23 they blocked the photo of my father Yaroslavov B.R. They created a fake, a false daughter under the UN in Moscow, on the background of a call for Gutterish's resignation. Моя Ярославовой-Оболенской Н. B. night battle 24-25.10 in Peterhof with the brigade that destroyed the links to NASA and the image of the father» http://yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=1798)

Is this an employee of the US PR technology company?

Ya Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna already changed the title of my article on March 14, 2023 "I changed the title of the article in 2018 about November 11 so that there were no associations with the date 22.11 and LGBT" https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1049282.html . Цитата из этого моего комментарии: "Press-secretary of the State Department of the USA Edward "Ned" Price is openly gay, he was born on November 22. На днях с праздником 8 марта, the State Secretary of the USA Anton Blinken congratulated him... When the audience listens to the press secretary, she should not think about his orientation. This is a question of professionalism. The priority in perception should be what he says or writes. I think that Edward "Ned" Price would have worked more professionally as an intelligence officer and press secretary if he had conveyed to Secretary of State Anton Blinken that the interview "Voice of Tyumen will be heard by the Big Eight" http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=58&PubID=268 - this interview with me Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna (ex Chistyakova Natalya Borisovna 22.2.1960), that I have a traditional orientation, that I signed an invitation to May 2018, man, I have never been to Vietnam, I have no relation to the character "girl from Australia" and similar degenerates of political PR technologies from those who break into my computers..."

In the literal sense, the carrion came to me in connection with the dates of November 11 of my Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna, born Yaroslavova Natalya Borisovna, biography. This date is 11 November in my biography and under my surname in my first marriage, and under my surname in my second marriage, and under my real surname Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna. Literally yesterday, November 1, 2023, I received a letter from RU CENTER that I need to pay for the address of my second site, ярославова.рф. I transferred money to компании Elkos for this address of ярославова.рф on August 28, 2023. Why did I receive this letter on November 1, 2023? Because I, Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna, mentioned in my comment yesterday, November 1, 2023, this site yaroslavova.rf and an attempt on it in 2022, which was connected with the elections in the USA. This cattle, which makes an intrusion through the date of June 10, 2006, into my work during my participation in the Big Eight in Civil G8-2006, where I participated with my Proposals on energy security, opened its jaws to my address ярославова.рф, to depict from pretend to be a prophet and manipulate the presidential elections in the USA. They are trying to build this bluff on the fact that I Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna predicted the victory of Trump on November 8, 2016, when Then everyone expected Clinton to win.

"On the morning of November 8, my comment is on Facebook. Trump will win. This will affect the finances. Putin is accelerating. Morning 9 November: Trump won. "Trump crashed the US stock market more than September 11". И это не все« http://www.yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=16&PubID=1304

You have been warned. It is not necessary then to write the Still dossier about Russia's interference in the US elections. Any foreign provocateurs can do this on the territory of Russia.

In my comment on November 1, 2023, I wrote:

"2000 rubles was mentioned by Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna on October 28, 2023 in the history of 2023, which I paid attention to on November 22, 2022: "Seizure of my address ярославова.рф. unacceptable. The risk of interference in the presidential elections in the USA» https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/931662.html. The planet, the fate of humanity should not depend on whether I have 2,000 rubles from Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna to pay for my second domain ярославава.рф or not. I paid for this address ярославова.рф already several months ago. This was my morning comment on October 28, 2023, and this is in the text of the article: »Janet Shearon is the first wife of Neil Armstrong. Langholm Scotland Clan Armstrong. Я при рождении Ярославова Н.Б. 11.1.89 approval of the dissertation in ВАК. 10 March 1956 marriage of Yaroslav's parents. 11.1.14 death of Sharon. Sharon Stone March 10, 1958 in Russia « http://yaroslavova.ru/main.mhtml?Part=15&PubID=18

And where in this history Davidenko is the maiden name of my mother Yaroslavova Tamara Anatolyevna, which was clarified several times by the man James Lucas, sergeant-major, to whom I signed the invitation in May 2018.

Anton Blinken is clearly focused on the family of my father Yaroslavov Boris Romanovich. This does not coincide with what was in the correspondence with James Lucas. I saw a man during correspondence with James Lucas!

It is hinted to me that some woman is behind all this disgrace, from which this stupidity with numbers and dates flows, the most primitive and simple associations, copying of dates, which leads to a conflict of dates, that this woman is almost a shadow leader of NASA and forces men to engage in this disgraceful and low-level activity. I don't know who illegally leads NASA in the shadows. I know that NASA was supervised by the vice president of the USA, Michael Pence, he moved away and distanced himself, he left the presidential company in 2024. Now NASA is supervised by vice president K. Harris. I asked a question. Were there precedents in the United States for the resignation of vice presidents of the United States?

"Naval observatory - home of the vice-president of the United States." They are stealing the trajectory of the moon." Pence is gone from 2024" https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1335356.html

"MI-6 does not send hints through Facebook by the methods of degenerates. And does not display vans with the word Spectrum". I don't know how this emaciated woman who called herself by the nickname "Russia" looks like. I wrote about the country of Russia, not about scumbags. There were no such idiots near me when Yaroslavova-Obolenskaya Natalya Borisovna wrote my article "Under the Millennium Dome" after London in 2000 https://yaroslavova.livejournal.com/1337691.html

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